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If you're a songwriter and you've dreamed about having your own songs professionally and fully produced with real, live instruments on it, (like drums, bass, lead guitar, piano, organ, slide guitar, banjo, fiddle etc.), look no further!

Chances are you've got your hands on a decent way to record your voice and your main instrument.  (If not, we can help!) Maybe you have a laptop with a USB mic and you use a simple program, or maybe you've got a bigger set up and have a couple of good microphone pre-amps, an interface and a good multi-track program, and a good condenser mic.  All that works great!

Here's where comes in.  All you need to do is record yourself singing your song(s) with your main instrument and send the file(s) to via email or upload (like Dropbox).   Together, and you will come up with the best instrumentation for your song(s).  We'll do a face to face Skype or Facetime session with you, too! If you don't play an instrument - no problem! We can come up with a song/melody and arrangement for your lyrics.  YOU KEEP THE RIGHTS TO YOUR SONGS!  We don't and won't own your songs. (read more!)


Your new "band" (the parts we are adding) will be recorded on some of the best modern and vintage recording gear available today, and they will be played by someone who has appeared on records that have been on major network tv shows and radio stations across the USA and the world.

Want to hear more samples?  Want to find out how affordable it is?  Want to know more about us, our gear and the nitty gritty?  Please click on the navigation bar above to find out more!  Or, click here to send us an email and we'll get right back to you!

If you can't get to the studio - GET IT TO ADDTHEBAND!

Zoom or Skype or
Facetime with 
AddTheBand during your project!
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