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What's it gonna cost me?

Lets get to it.  We make it easy and affordable:


Here's what you WONT pay!  Normally, when you want to hire musicians to play on your tunes, you have to pay them between $100 - $300 per instrument, per song! PLUS you'd also have to pay the cost of the studio for recording and mixing time.  Since our recording is done "in house," we don't need to use hired session players and WE ARE THE STUDIO. This saves you a lot of money as we can consolidate these costs.  


At, a complete song with added instruments
including mixing will generally range from $150 - $600

depending on how many instruments you want on your song.  

So for example, if you only want a bass guitar and a tambourine

added to your song, you will pay in the lower range.  If you want

a full band, lets say, drums, bass, keyboard, lead guitar, a

harmony vocal and percussion, your costs will be towards the

higher end of the range.  Check out (and click on) our chart of

estimated costs per instrument on this page.   [Note! If we feel

(you and us) that adding an outside musician (we have friends &

contacts in Nashville, Boston, NYC, LA) would be beneficial to

your song(s), we can make those arrangements as well.  See

below for more on this.]  Click on chart for a larger view.

What's included?  
Everything is essentially included - which means: playing, recording time, and mixing - all done with some of the most incredible recording gear there is.  And, all done in a studio that has produced songs that have appeared on major network television shows and radio stations across the world.  (Click on "About Us" to find out more...about us!)

Once you contact, we will personally discuss with you what instruments you might be looking for on your song(s) and come up with a plan and a cost.   We can chat via phone, email, text, Skype or Facetime!  All costs per song will be discussed in advanced and agreed upon in advance so there'll be no surprises for you except how great your song will sound!  Also, the recordings will be YOURS.  We don't claim any ownership of your songs at all, unless some other arrangement is made in writing where you are looking for co-writers etc...   Otherwise, whatever we create for your songs are yours once your full payment is made.  Find out more on song ownership here.

A quick word or two on crowdfunding.  If its a mystery to you, or if you need help, we'd be more than happy to assist! We have been a part of and helped out many campaigns and
we'd be happy
to help you with all the steps!
  Just let us know.


As mentioned above, while we do most our recording in house, we also offer some special options that might be very intriguing to you.   Through our years of experience in the music scene, we have forged relationships with some of the top players throughout the country, including places like Nashville, LA, Boston and New York City.  We'd be more than happy to discuss with you how we can get one or more of those players on your songs.  Of course the costs will be different but again, they will be discussed in advance.

We can make all the arrangements.

Click on chart above for larger view
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